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SWIGSTATE 2012: The best damn election drinking game ever to have been conceived of by me »

Let’s face it: this election’s kind of a big deal (even for a Canadian like myself) and you’ll probably have the TV tuned to SOME sort of election coverage at SOME point in the night, right?

So why not join me in having a couple drinks?

This is SWIGSTATE 2012: the best damn election drinking game ever to have been created/the only one I know of! (This whole idea spawned out of a discussion I had with a couple friends via Twitter following the last Presidential Debate).

The premise: EVERY time a “swing state” get’s decided as the votes come in tonight you take a drink. Sounds simple right? WELL LET’S MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING THEN, SHALL WE?

The New York Times has denoted 7 States as being “tossups”/swing states which could make or break the election for either side; these being: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

EVERY time one of these States goes either for Obama or Romney, you take a drink. BUT, because I’m biased, if the State goes for Romney you must take TWO drinks. You see what I’m getting at? There is potential for 14 drinks in one evening here people, this is serious business.

My friends and I plan to chronicle our shenanigans via Twitter - using #SWIGSTATE2012 - so that the world can share and join in on our drunken debauchery. I encourage you to do the same!


…sorry for that, I promise it won’t be a regular thing.

But yes, it’s true! Today Walt Disney Co. announced that it was acquiring Lucasfilm Ltd., the production company behind “Star Wars” from George Lucas. Perhaps even more exciting, they also announced that there will be a new Star Wars film scheduled to for release in 2015 (which is like soon). The film is currently known only as “Episode 7” suggesting that it will be take place after the Star Wars films of the 1970-80s (you know, the ones universally adored and loved across all peoples in all corners of the known universe).

All this is exciting for a number of reasons:

1) An opportunity for redemption

Ever since their release the Star Wars prequels have forever left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Personally, up until this morning, I can honestly say that the prequels had ruined the SWfranchise for me (yes, they’re that bad). With this new film (which will no doubt turn into a new trilogy of its own) Star Wars has a chance at redemption in the medium of which it was born. Living up to the classic films is an impossible feat but so long as these new films are decent, canonical, and ultimately worth viewing there is an opportunity for betterment of the SW franchise as a whole.

2) They can’t do worse than what’s already been released

As previously touched on, SW Episodes I-III are horribly bad movies that have nearly ruined a beloved franchise for many fans. Disney has taken the SW franchise AWAY from Lucas, preventing him from doing anymore self-inflicting damage to it. These new movies really cannot be much worse than what’s already been put out by Lucas himself. It’s impossible. Disney has also shown that they know how to “do” geek movies so that they can appeal to both a mass audience and retain a degree of fan-service (see: The Avengers).


Love it or hate it, Star Wars as a franchise has had a profound and everlasting impact on not only geek/sci-fi culture, but popular culture as well. A new opportunity to add onto this history, culture, and franchise is inherently exciting for a geek like myself.

Overall this unexpected news has been a pleasant surprise. I look forward to the rampant speculation that is sure to take place in the coming days and weeks, before we actually begin to see/hear more of the film itself. I also couldn’t of think of better topic for a real “first post” if I had thought of it myself!

Blogging, professionally.

Well…it’s been a while since I actually wrote something on this thing, hasn’t it?

I kind of miss it.

What better way to get reacquainted with all of you than to let you know about a little job I started last week!? I recently acquired my first paid writing/blogging job out of the university I attend!

While it’s only a casual job, I am blogging for the university’s largest faculty so the opportunity to get my name out there and meet interesting people is well worth having the position in its own right. I also think this allows me to begin referring to myself as a “professional” Blogger/Writer…which is pretty neat.

A momentous occasion indeed. 

(But not really).


I am saddened by this afternoon’s news that Nintendo Power will be ceasing publication. While I haven’t read the magazine in over a decade, NP has, without a doubt, been a major influence in the development of my love and appreciation for the games industry. To this day I still have a few special issues readily available just in case I decide to give them a read (pictured above). 


I am saddened by this afternoon’s news that Nintendo Power will be ceasing publication. While I haven’t read the magazine in over a decade, NP has, without a doubt, been a major influence in the development of my love and appreciation for the games industry. To this day I still have a few special issues readily available just in case I decide to give them a read (pictured above). 

Branching Out

In my ever-evolving attempt to satisfy all my blogging desires, I have (once again) decided to pursue a new approach in my take over of the internet - spreading myself out a bit more as I do so. 

This blog, “Get (e)xcited.” is from now on going to almost exclusively feature my musical interests and likes (a majority of the blog is composed of this stuff already anyway). Because I love music (and love sharing it), this site will remain my de facto "primary" blog for the time being and will in all likelihood be the one I update most frequently. I’ll continue posting the odd thought or "rambling" but for all intents and purposes this will be a home for me to share the music I enjoy! 

I have transformed what was previously “Sounding Off.” (which was supposed to feature my writing) into a personal fan blog where I’ll be posting all the geeky things I love and enjoy (my interests in gaming, movies, television, and comics). The new blog, aptly called “Geeking Out." can be found (and followed) here.

Finally, I have moved all my writing to a Wordpress site which I am calling “TeoPress”. Since it’s creation the blog has been hopelessly neglected but I am planning on changing that up in the coming days and weeks.

So there you have it folks - all my blogging can now be found across 3 different platforms. Favourite and Follow as you see fit!

Edgefest 2012

Edgefest -Toronto’s premiere alternative rock music festival - took place on Saturday and for the second time in two summers I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend. 

Despite not being blown away by this year’s lineup (as compared to last year anyway when the Arkells, Hollerado, Monkingbird Wish Me Luck, Rise Against, The Weakerthans, and Tokyo Police Club graced the show) Edgefest is an event I simply could not miss. It is the biggest festival of its kind that my “home town” of Toronto gets (which is a shame in it’s own right) and the entire festival is an experience which I, as an avid alternative music geek (I like to think of myself more as an “aficionado”), indulge in. As such, I have some thoughts I’d like to share on the day. 

First off; the heat. It is mid-July and with global warming and such yesterday’s event was hot as All Hell. Almost unbearably hot at times with temperatures surely reaching beyond the 35 degree (celcius) mark, not complemented by the big empty open space that is Downsview Park (some shade, natural or otherwise, was a hot commodity yesterday - almost as sought after as the free water which had lines that seemed to stretch forever). I probably lost 5 lbs in sweat yesterday so I that’s a good thing I guess. After a couple $8 beers the heat simply becomes something you deal with, which lets you focus on what matters: the day itself. 

There were really only two acts I was eager to see at this year’s show: The Darcys and the Silversun Pickups. After having to go back to the car to return the blanket I had brought with me (apparently you couldn’t bring a blanket into the event, with no indication of such a rule on Edgefest’s online “festival guide”, resulting in having to make an extra 15 minute trek to my car, and back, again in that horrible, horrible heat) my girlfriend and I made it into Edgefest 2012. We initially hit up some merch tables (we figured it would be smart to buy some stuff early-on before the crowds got too big) and I bought a sweet Silversun Pickups “U.S. 2012 Tour” shirt (which interestingly has 3 Canadian stops on it). We then moved onto the side stage where we would spend the majority of our day. 

The Darcys played the stage at 2:20 PM and I was quite impressed with their set (my girlfriend and a friend whom we had met up with were less so). The Darcys have a very melodramatic, moody sound which I totally dig. They’re making waves in the indie music scene and this band is going places, I’m sure. 

After The Darcys I wandered the grounds a bit, getting a better take of what was in store. The layout of the event had been altered from last summer, with the main stage more excluded from the rest of the venue (or was it that the side stage and newly added electronic tent which were more separated? Guess it doesn’t really matter). In our wandering we came in and out the Indian Handcrafts and The Apache Relay sets. However it wasn’t until about 4 o’clock when I would get really re-invested in a band at the show. It was at this time when the band Whale Tooth, of whom I had never heard of previously, took to the side stage and impressed me considerably (so much so that I purchased their recently released Search Party). Frontwoman Elise LeGrow brought an infectious excited energy to the stage, a perfect distraction to the blazing heat which was just now beginning to subside as the beginnings of the evening dawned. Reinvigorated, our troope (which had now grown to 6 people) moved on to catch the tail-end of The Sheepdogs’s set (no pun intended) over on the main stage. We then decided to grab some food and get in the aforementioned free-water line, which was long enough for us to enjoy most of Hacienda's set. We then settled in to catch the beginning of Said The Whale, at which point the girlfriend and I decided to leave our little group to go grab a decent spot for Silversun.

The Pickups did not disappoint in the slightest and finally getting a chance to see them live has only increased my love of the band. Playing tunes spanning all 3 of their albums, their set was pure enjoyment and well worth attending Edgefest for in its own right. They are a band full of likeable (and for me, relatable) seemingly nerdy/geeky individuals who play awesome music. From frontman Brian Aubert’s terrific commentary on rowdy crowd members (which went something along the lines of: “any child can jump around, an adult can jump around and not ruin the experience for other people”) to bassist Nikki Monniger’s cuteness whenever she addressed the thousands of people before her, to Chris Guanlao’s drumming - it was all great. Brian also made a couple references to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on stage - as if my adoration of the band could get any more intense at that point. After Silversun Pickups departed it came to that point in the evening where all I wanted to do was find a patch of ground, claim it for my own, and sit there (which is exactly what I did). I literally sat through Death From Above 1979's set (but thoroughly enjoyed their commentary in-between songs - plenty of shout-outs and love given to their Toronto roots). Finally the headlining group, Billy Talent, took to the stage. While I have never been a Billy Talent fan - and only know their music off their 2003 self-titled effort - they can put on a live show and it was clear that many of the thousands of people that had endured the day’s heat had done so simply to see them play. 

Overall, Edgefest 2012 was an awesome experience. It is literally one of a kind for Toronto - can’t wait ‘til next year.


I have been neglecting this blog like some bad parent. I don’t really know why, I guess I have been a little busier as of late. I suppose it’s just the ebs and flows of my interesting in bloging. 

I’ll try to begin updating regularly soon!

Sounding Off.

Hello my lovely Followers, 

I recently started up another blog which will exclusively feature my writing on various topics and matters of concern which I wish to write about. A new project I hope to keep-up with as the summer months wear on. 

Follow if you please!

Media consumption overload.

There are just too many books, video games, movies, and television shows that I want to start reading/playing/watching on my plate right now that I feel like I don’t know where to begin… All this stuff neglected during the school year when I was almost solely focused on my academic/extra-curricular work.

A “first world problem” if there ever was any.

16 weeks.

Well I’m officially done my school year and am now on my summer break!

I have a feeling it will be an interesting 4 months and I hope to use the time to do some soul-searching; an opportunity to take stock of my life, where I’m at, and where I want to be in the future. 

I will be returning to school in September (which I am looking forward to, I thoroughly enjoy my undergraduate life) and I know for a fact that this break, regardless of what I end up doing, will go by quickly (the sheer fact that we are already into the 5th month of this year is insane - where does the time go!?).

May 2, 2012. Less than 16 weeks until the year starts up again.


After not working for most of the night, the Dine Alone Records online store finally approved my transaction and I have successfully ordered both Alexisonfire’s Math Sheets Demo 10” Vinyl and Attack In Black’s Marriage 12”+10” (Repress) Vinyl!

I’ve previously blogged about starting a record collection and with this purchase I can now consider this new hobby as being officially underway! 

I’m excited for them to come in! I’ll be waiting by the mailbox all week. 

(I guess this also means I should begin shopping around for a record player…)

Pennsylvania makes good hockey

I have never really been an avid hockey fan and I don’t think I watched a single game this entire National Hockey League season. My “home” team would be the Toronto Maple Leafs (which is essentially a joke of a franchise at this point) and I flirted with the idea of jumping on board with the new Winnipeg Jets but I just never cared enough to pay attention to the team. 

However, despite my general indifference to the NHL during the regular season, I do pay attention during the playoffs almost every year. I see it as an opportunity to watch good teams play in a set amount of games, where every win/loss has an immediate impact (it’s also a good excuse to get together with friends and drink on any typical weekday). 

This season, the playoffs has been pretty great, a lot of shakeups with traditionally “great” teams facing elimination early-on at the hands of teams less “prominent” to the sport (just last night Detroit got eliminated by Nashville). It is always interesting to see lesser-known franchises carve histories for themselves.

My favourite series so far has got to be the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. the Philadelphia Flyers. This series has been insane with high-scoring games, brawls abound (early on anyway), and a potential comeback as the Penguins fight back after being down in the series 3-0 (the series is currently at 3-2). The next game is tomorrow afternoon at 12pm and I will most definitely take pause from my studying for finals to watch. 

Why…why would you do that to Canadian music?

I was actually sort of impressed with the Juno Awards this year. The whole thing: the marketing of the event, the live performances, William Shatner, it was all pretty good. I was genuinely interested in the awards (as you can tell by my Tumblr activity today) and the show itself was funny, very lighthearted and enjoyable to watch…


I have nothing against Michael Buble, but a CHRISTMAS ALBUM winning Canada’s Album Of The Year is highly upsetting. As someone who knows how much great music individuals in this country put out every year, this is very insulting and disturbing. For an award show that barely garners interest on the part of Canadians as it is, stunts like this will only make the Junos appear even more redundant and irrevelvant than most people already view them to be. 

Maybe (hopefully) it’s all an elaborate April Fool’s joke and they’ll announce the real Album Of The Year winner tomorrow…