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Just reminiscing about the three greatest albums of all time

I notice that ‘State of the Union’ has been trending on Twitter for a couple days now…

People must really dig this classic Rise Against tune, huh?

After four long years, Against Me! returns with what is arguably the band’s most interesting - and most important - work to date. Transgender Dysphoria Blues is not only an addition to the anthology of the band’s unique and always-exhilarating style of punk rock, but is the band’s first release since front-lady Laura Jane Grace came out as being a transgendered individual.  

As the title of the album implies, TDB is a both a reflection and celebration of Laura’s recognition of who she is. The album is unique in that it provides a voice for gendered variation in a genre of music where such voices aren’t heard enough. The above track is the first of the album and shares its name. Give it a listen. 

Ok, so it’s been a couple days since I posted an awesome Christmas song, formally ending my “10 Days of Awesome Christmas Music” extravaganza. Sorry - I got busy!

But I still got music to share, and share the music is what I intend to do! Today we got what is honestly one of my favourite holiday songs; a Jimmy Eat World cover of “Last Christmas.” This one’s killer folks, check it out. 

10 Days of Awesome Christmas Music - Day FOUR

Today we have an early-aughts pop punk Christmas tune courtesy of New Found Glory (who, as with The Used, really hit their stride in the early 2000s, imo). 

The track is called ‘Ex-Miss’ and is chock-full of all the teenage angst you would expect it to have. Enjoy!

10 Days of Awesome Christmas Music - Day THREE

Today’s Christmas tune is from Rise Against off their Long Forgotten Songs compilation album that released earlier this year. 

The song is a cover of “Making Christmas” from the classic 1993 Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I must admit that I was quite surprised to hear this song on LFS. Although I figured the guys of Rise Against would be a fan of Mr. Burton…

10 Days of Awesome Christmas Music - Day TWO

The Used of the early-2000s remains as some of the best post-hardcore/emo/screamo ever created - seriously, go back and listen to 2002’s self-titled effort and 2004’s In Love and Death - this stuff still holds up. 

"Alone This Holiday" is from this seminal era of the band, off of the 2003 EP Maybe Memories.

For those of you who were really into The Used back in their teenage years, this post is for you. 

10 days of Awesome Christmas Music - Day ONE. 

In the 10 days leading up to Christmas I intend to post one song each day from my “Best Damn Christmas Compilation 2013” CD mix. 

Day one features what is quite possibly my favourite song on the mix. It’s late-nineties No-Doubt (aka the best No Doubt), covering a Vandals cover of “Joy To the World,” in all their ska-punk glory - enjoy!

I never would have thought Alkaline Trio was a ‘pop punk’ band…

Faith in metalcore temporarily restored.

On Friday evening My Chemical Romance announced that the band would be breaking up.

While I’ve never been a huge My Chemical Romance fan, I recognize the influence the band had in shaping the emo pop-punk music scene that came to define a whole generation of young music listeners (particularly my generation; I was 14 when MCR’s debut Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge released, and 16 when their mega-popular Welcome to the Black Parade hit store shelves). If nothing else, MCR’s disbanding is yet another instance of something that was very prominent during my youth disappearing…the culture and music scene I used to so identify with slowly eroding away (growing up sucks). 

The above track, “Helena” off of Three Cheers, remains one of my favourite MCR songs. For those who have never heard it, enjoy, and for those who know every word, join me in taking a trip down memory lane.

The new music I’ve picked up this month, for those interested.

The new music I’ve been listening to this month.