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"Vapid Adolescent Blues"

Anti-Flag - “Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime”

Depleted Uranium, the Agent Orange of the Iraq War. I learned about the substance - its military uses and harmful effects (on civilians, enemy combatants, and friendlies all the like) - through this Anti-Flag song years ago. Yet another instance of music providing not only entertainment, but more importantly, education.

I was inspired to post this song tonight in particular after listening to a "Coast To Coast AM" broadcast on the way home from work in which the negative side effects of exposure to depleted uranium on the part of U.S. servicemen/women is linked to the increase of veteran suicides which are currently at record highs. 

Cancer Bats - “Lucifer’s Rocking Chair”

Just found out that I’ll be seeing a midnight screening of Batman tonight (a film I wasn’t even all that excited to see only a few weeks ago) and to commemorate this occaison I have decided to post one of my favourite Cancer Bats songs. 

Do you see what I did there?

Music video for Cancer Bats’s cover of the Beastie Boys’s “Sabotage”. 

The fact that I didn’t know this existed until today makes me sad.

Saw Rise Against last night at the Air Canada Centre. My 3rd time seeing them and each time I get the chance to see them live they seem to be playing bigger and bigger venues (the first time was in an air plane hanger, then headlining a music festival, and now a sports stadium). 

Their set was great - as expected - playing a pleasantly surprising mix of songs ranging from 2003’s Revolutions Per Minute (Rise Against’s best work imo) to 2011’s Endgame. Rise Against has a simplicity in their live performance, they let their music shine through, very few gimmicks. One of my favourite things to do while watching Rise Against is to get lost in Brandon Barnes’s drumming - if you focus in on it enough time seems to slow down, watching every beat hit, yet you know he’s playing a mile a minute. 

There were two opening bands before Rise Against took to the stage. First off was Title Fight, a band that I had never heard of before, but they played raw and real and impressed me considerably. I’m a new fan. The other act, A Day To Remember, was a little ill-fitting in my opinion (for a punk rock concert) and their cliched post-hardcore sound has been done before, and better at that. Although if I was 16 years old I would have probably loved this band (and indeed they seemed to have a massive fanbase present at last night’s show). The one thing I will say about A Day To Remember is that they know how to entertain, with t-shirt guns, balloons, the lead singer jumping in a ball and walking on the crowd, etc (essentially all the gimmicky stuff Rise Against doesn’t do). 

Overall the concert was a fun time. I don’t think I’ll get the chance to go to many more this summer (due to lack of money) so if I can only go to a couple shows, I’m happy Rise Against was one of them.

The above track, “Savior”, was the last Rise Against played at last night’s show.

Finally got a chance to pick up Cancer Bats’s latest. 

Wicked album, but not really the best music to listen to while trying to study for finals…

In a week Anti-Flag’s latest, The General Strike, will be released. I’ll be going through my Anti-Flag back-catalog in anticipation.

Music video for Cancer Bats's "French Immersion"

This song has pretty much taken over my life the past few days.

I also love the first 23 seconds.

Music video for Cancer Bats's - “Pneumonia Hawk”

Still my favourite Cancer Bats song, and one of my favourite music videos ever.

There is just so much awesome crammed into these 4 minutes I don’t know where to begin…

Rise Against - “Give It All”

Yesterday I picked up tickets to see Rise Against at the Air Canada Centre this May. This will be my third time seeing the band and the show is happening one day before my birthday! It’ll be a great way to kick of my 2012 summer break!

The last time I saw Rise Against, “Give It All” was the final song they played in their encore set. I decided to post it for your listening pleasure!

Gallows - “Mondo Chaos”, Death Is Birth EP

"You say fuck the world, I say it’s already fucked!"