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After four long years, Against Me! returns with what is arguably the band’s most interesting - and most important - work to date. Transgender Dysphoria Blues is not only an addition to the anthology of the band’s unique and always-exhilarating style of punk rock, but is the band’s first release since front-lady Laura Jane Grace came out as being a transgendered individual.  

As the title of the album implies, TDB is a both a reflection and celebration of Laura’s recognition of who she is. The album is unique in that it provides a voice for gendered variation in a genre of music where such voices aren’t heard enough. The above track is the first of the album and shares its name. Give it a listen. 

Ok, so it’s been a couple days since I posted an awesome Christmas song, formally ending my “10 Days of Awesome Christmas Music” extravaganza. Sorry - I got busy!

But I still got music to share, and share the music is what I intend to do! Today we got what is honestly one of my favourite holiday songs; a Jimmy Eat World cover of “Last Christmas.” This one’s killer folks, check it out. 

Wanna feel old? Blink-182’s self-titled album is 10 years old today

Now excuse me while I go play this album multiple times, hide under my blankets, and reminisce about my lost youth…

I never would have thought Alkaline Trio was a ‘pop punk’ band…

On Friday evening My Chemical Romance announced that the band would be breaking up.

While I’ve never been a huge My Chemical Romance fan, I recognize the influence the band had in shaping the emo pop-punk music scene that came to define a whole generation of young music listeners (particularly my generation; I was 14 when MCR’s debut Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge released, and 16 when their mega-popular Welcome to the Black Parade hit store shelves). If nothing else, MCR’s disbanding is yet another instance of something that was very prominent during my youth disappearing…the culture and music scene I used to so identify with slowly eroding away (growing up sucks). 

The above track, “Helena” off of Three Cheers, remains one of my favourite MCR songs. For those who have never heard it, enjoy, and for those who know every word, join me in taking a trip down memory lane.

Been seeing a lot of people complaining about the difficulty of getting up in the morning (myself included) during these cold late-January days. 

Picked up The Joy Formidable’s latest today and you should seriously consider doing the same.

Click ‘Play’ to find out why.

So yeah, I’ve been listening to a lot of old Used recently and I figured I’d share one of my favourites from the band.

One of my favourite things about the music I enjoy is the nostalgia it can invoke. Right now, with the onset of the Fall and a new school year along with it I cannot help but be reminded of a band I was OBSESSED with a year ago…

The Joy Formidable - “The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade”

Mutemath - “Stall Out”

Went through my CD collection on this rainy Saturday afternoon and came out with this gem…

Green Day - “When I Come Around”

Not really all that impressed with Green Day’s newest single (it’s just…boring and without feeling) so I decided to post a classic tune from the band’s best, 1994’s Dookie.

Music video for No Doubt’s - “Settle Down”, the first single off of the groups reunion-album Push and Shove which is due to be released in September.